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Waldorf children are Healthy children

Why waldorf children are Healthier?

*We encourage children to play in Nature, all around the year- soil, water, wind,climb trees and breathe fresh air.

*We provide organic-homecooked-locally grown/ sourced food. Children eat a good amount of Freshly cut fruits everyday.

children participating in cooking work

*Parents take children for Nature walks, park, farms instead of Malls and plastic playgrounds.

*Children are encouraged to play on their own with anything available in the environment, this way they do not depend on anyone to engage them. This also doesn’t make the child dependent on watching screens to entertain/engage them. That results in ZERO screen time and more physical play.

18 months old playing with coconut shells and Areca nuts

*More physical play helps in better metabolism, children’s appetite increases and they eat well.

*We believe falling ill is a natural way of fighting antibodies, we let fevers and colds run its course and use natural ways to heal them unless severe.

Image result for children sneezing

Choose waldorf wisely, Its Life changing 🙂

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