Covid19 Policy

My Little Bookshop implements stringent measures to assure safety and health of employees and partners. We care for the safety and health of all our staff, delivery partners and customers.

As the pandemic has taken hold of our world and crippled normal functioning, we, at My Little Bookshop, are committed to the health and safety of all who we work with and our customers. For the most part we shut down all our operations as our national government locked down the country. But as our governments allow certain key segments to function and have made our products an essential commodity, we have resumed services in a very organized manner.

Working in tandem with the state health authorities and complying with the WHO recommendations of hygiene and safety, we have chartered a work plan and identified and assigned all preventive health measures that we can take to the best possible standards.

  • In these uncertain times and the growing epidemic, we have been striving to bring to you the best of products. We have been spontaneously transforming our facilities to meet the high standards of quality, safety, and hygiene. We have been diligent on our Quality Management Systems and Policies and have required implementations in place to ensure monitoring of all workers, social distancing , adequate supply of personal protective equipment and hand sanitizing in the entire workflow for all workers.
  • All products are stored in a sanitized area and samples are collected after a mandatory cooling period or conditioning of 24 hrs.
  • We have followed all guidelines that no employee/worker shall attend work if his/ her close contacts have shown symptoms of COVID-19. Or that the person has any chronic illness, is pregnant, or is older than 60 years. Also, an employee will not come to work if his/ her body temperature is above 37.30 ͦC and should promptly report it to health officials.