MLB Circle

As an extension to the store, and to help you on your parenting journey, 

we welcome you warmly to the MLB Circle of Parents

While the store is our attempt to help you make conscious choices for your little ones and yourselves, MLB Circle of Parents will help us connect with each other on a range of topics that will help us learn and grow together as parents of the next gen of beautiful little humans.

We would encourage you to use the group to share little snippets from your parenting journeys – your conscious and mindful decisions, the eco-friendly and sustainable choices you make, and the joys you experience watching your little ones experience life in the most wholesome way ❤. Join us today! Benefit from the discussions around a range of topics related to slow and mindful parenting, healthy wholesome and home-cooked food choices, reviving and keeping our local traditions and culture alive through books and play, natural and sustainable choices when it comes to toys and accessories, healthy daily rhythms for your child and you. Above all each one’s rich experience for the rest of us to learn from!

As part of the MLB Circle of Parents you also get early access to product launches, sale announcements and some exclusive discount codes too (announced from time to time as applicable).


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