Our Story

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.

There are seven million.”

Walt Streightiff

At My Little Bookshop, we do our bit every day, to help your children slowly discover and experience these seven million (and more!) wonders!

We are a curated online store for books, toys and early learning resources. Our collection is inspired by the Waldorf philosophy which recognizes and celebrates childhood to its fullest. Above everything else, we strive to spread awareness about slow parenting, helping parents slow down and enrich their child’s journey through the early years. Our curated collection and our parenting nuggets are designed to cherish childhood, exactly the way it should be.

Each article on My Little Bookshop is sourced (some are home-grown creations too!) and stocked with utmost love and care. Every one of our products will inherently nurture a child’s senses, stimulate imagination and spark creativity. We make every effort to help parents, educators and caregivers enlighten children through open-ended play & sensory experiences and at the same time acquainting them with their culture and surroundings.

Our books are specially handpicked keeping in mind the following:

  • Simplicity in stories which children can relate to in their day to day surroundings, capturing the richness of Indian culture
  • Beautiful soothing illustrations and age appropriate content

Our toys are very mindfully curated, ensuring that they engage, stimulate and entertain children in the most age-appropriate way.

Our books, toys and learning material are gender neutral and can be creatively used in different ways by children of varying age groups. Some are perfect even for parents and grandparents to use. Almost all of our wooden toys can be handed down as heirlooms, given the sturdy and good quality of materials. The warmth in natural materials only gets better with use.

To sum it all up, My Little Bookshop is a festival of experiences, learning and joyous moments under a colourful Indian canopy. Join us; let us revel in childhood!

Our Team

The People Behind My Little Bookshop

Divya B.A

Store Curator, Early Learning Educator, Slow Parenting Coach

Divya founded My Little Bookshop in 2015 as she began her own journey as a parent. She found there was a dearth of quality play and learning resources that were made using responsibly sourced natural material. She set out to make it easier for parents to make conscious choices for their children in the most impactful early years.

Divya is a passionate early childhood educator, specializing in the Waldorf method. As a true Waldorf evangelist, she believes that childhood should not be rushed through, but grown into organically. She beautifully integrates local culture and traditional best practices into her Slow Parenting workshops for new parents.

As the store evolves into a one-stop shop for everything a child really needs to grow and learn with in the early years, we have seen that our combined perspectives (that of an early learning childhood educator and a parent) have helped us create a win-win experience for our valued customers.

We help you adopt a mindful approach to quality buying without bombarding you with a zillion choices to pick from. We take immense joy in the impact we have made on little children across the world.

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