Knitting Fork


*Simple hand and finger movements create a loose, springy chain that can be used as a cord, in garlands or sewn into a variety of shapes.
*Children will watch with eager fascination as the strand of knitted yarn grows longer and longer as their busy hands work!
*A terrific exercise for building fine motor skills.
*One can make different handwork projects with the cords made from this tool: Sew a Rug, Necklace, Hairband, Friendship bands, Bracelet, and so on. You can easily introduce this knitting fork to children of age 4 and above

This kit contains- One Knitting fork, 1 roll of T-SHIRT yarn (random color), and a Bag.

How to use-

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The Lucet also called a knitting fork is of ancient origin, used for knitting yarn into a strong, slightly elastic cord that is used for many purposes. Cord making or braiding which believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods, to create sturdy cords that were used for attachments in clothing or to hang items from a belt, since, back then there were no handy metal clasps or snaps.

*Appropriate for Children above 4+
*Can be used by Adults too!
*Carry them on a train journey or a Road trip or use them at home to give your fingers some exercise.

Swedish neurophysiologist, says: “The density of nerve endings in our fingertips is enormous. Their discrimination is almost as good as that of our eyes. If we don’t use our fingers if in childhood and youth we become “finger-blind”, this rich network of nerves is impoverished-which represents a huge loss to the brain and thwart’s the individual’s all-around development.”

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