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Best-selling Books at My Little Bookshop

In my journey of curating children’s story books from Indian publishers, I have come across several books (Mainly Tulika and Pratham) and it has been an immense learning experience for me. There is so much richness in Indian books which cannot be found in any other foreign publications. Our illustrators and writers have really done a great job and it’s definitely worth having a good number of Indian story books in your child’s library.

People often get overwhelmed when they look at my Stock list although I try to limit the collection, some look for options and variety and I try to satisfy my customers/buyers as much as possible. In terms of Storyline and Illustrations, I have tried my best to arrive at the best-selling books at My Little bookshop. Trust me it has been a hard selection and I hope you all appreciate them as much as I did.

Fifteen Best-selling Tulika Books

  1. Sunu sunu, snail in the garden (2-7 years)
  2. Where is Amma (1-6 years)
  3. Mala’s silver anklets (1-6 years)
  4. A Book is a Bee (2-7 years)
  5. A Home Of Our Own(2-7 years)
  6. Gajapati Kulapati (0-6 years)
  7. Why Why Girl (6-10 years)
  8. Let’s go (1-6 years)
  9. A Walk with Thambi (6-10 years)
  10. Raindrops (2-7 years)
  11. Kasturba (6-10 years)
  12. Junior Kumbhakarna (1-6 years)
  13. The Red Umbrella (1-6 years)
  14. Carry me mama (1-6 years)
  15. Tiji and Cheenu (1-6 years)